Monday, March 13, 2017

Trouble vs Wolf

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Reviewed by the Flying Bisons

Trouble is a Friend of Mine is a mixture of a rollicking teen movie with a dash of Sherlock Holmes thrown in for good measure. It's great fun to read and the whip-smart dialogue is reminiscent of Gilmore Girls, but even though the male character Digby is a hoot, the plot and essence of the book would still fit under chicklit and you'd be hard-pressed to sell it to your male readers.

Wolf by Wolf, on the other hand, is like The Amazing Race set in Nazi Germany meets The Hunger Games. The very nature of the book, even though narrated by a female protagonist, lends itself to be read by both genders. It's beautiful, yet horrifying, tense, yet has comedic moments. Imagine that WWII was won by the Axis powers; pair that with a narrator who is a survivor of a concentration camp and whose sacrifices will numb your spirit, and then, with your heart in your throat, you accompany her on her most important mission: kill Hitler.

We are putting forth Wolf by Wolf, and highly recommend the sequel Blood for Blood as well as Graudin's other historical speculative novel, Walled City.

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