Friday, March 17, 2017

Secret Path VS. Conviction

Conviction:  Too much of a “God” undertone to the story.  I found the book to be leaving details out that could have been revealed much sooner.  It was not one that held my interest.  I approach these smackdowns in being given the chance to read YA books so I can recommend them to students.  However, I wouldn’t recommend this one, mostly because we work in a public school and it had a very religious undertone.  

Secret Path: This book was ok, but after reading it, I was made aware there is a prior book that would have helped to make more connections to the story of Chanie Wenjack. I have prior knowledge about the residential schools, so I was able to piece together the story.  But for some students, they may not be able to fully understand the book, as it is mostly just pictures with a few pages of lyrics, not necessarily like a traditional graphic novel.  I did not listen to any of the music as I read the book.  

If I had to pick between the two books to move on to the next round, it would have to be Secret Path.  It at least exposes students to our past history and might open up some conversations and deeper thinking.

From the Library’s Circulation Desk…
I finished reading Conviction but at times it was painful to read.  The only reason I finished it is because I thought I might want to vote it to the next round but that is not the case.  There were baseball references and at times I thought to myself maybe I could recommend this book to my sports oriented students.  I did not enjoy the book and I do not see myself recommending it .  The God references made me uncomfortable and I also work in a public school.

I vote that Secret Path be moved to the next round.  Even though, in my opinion, it is a dark read.  It is a graphic novel about the story of Chanie Wenjack.

Secret Path: I vote for this unconventional graphic novel to move ahead to the next round. There is a section on the back cover of the book that I wish were included within the pages, because it gives a better understanding of the story and I worry that some readers may miss it. The book is dark and, at times, a little bewildering; however, it has potential to spark curiosity about our past, which is dark and bewildering itself. It is one way to dig into a conversation which should be had. Secret Path has my vote.

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