Friday, April 21, 2017

Wolf vs All-American

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Reviewed by the Flying Bisons

We still love the surefooted way Graudin handles the alternate history that is the premise of Wolf by Wolf, but we also wanted the recognize the relevance of the issues explored in All American Boys. This was a difficult decision.

Devon made an excellent point in her review about Quinn's story line; his only real conflict is with Guzzo as it's obvious to everyone, including Quinn, that Paul's abuse of Rashad was completely out of line. Rashad's perspective about being unjustly beaten by the police officer (Paul) is raw and gritty and one that needs to be discussed in what many wrongly view as a "post racial" world.

While Wolf by Wolf is beautifully written and from a strictly literary perspective, deserves to move on to the next round, we felt All American Boys, written from two male's perspectives, to be timely and should be put in the hands of many of our teens.

We're putting forth All American Boys, but we'd like to recommend an even better book about #blacklivesmatter titled The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

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  1. I was going to impress everybody with my technological prowess and do the book cover images too but I can't figure out how to blog or post or anything. So I am hoping that Sting Style as old-fashioned as it may appear will suffice.
    We read The Lie Tree and Goodbye Stranger and while both were enjoyable reads, neither one stood out as a contender for top spot (I guess I shouldn't have read the entire booklist already). Goodbye Stranger would appeal more to a junior high audience while the Lie Tree would appeal more to female readers (I enjoyed the veracity/mendacity explanations). There was really nothing in either book that stood out for us as smackdownworthy so our recommendation is that both books be eliminated from the Smackdown.